November Newsletter and CC Bellmawr

posted Dec 1, 2014, 10:41 AM by Steven Hamilton   [ updated Dec 8, 2014, 12:02 PM ]

Hello everyone! Here is the newsletter for this month. :) 

CDP November 2014

This month I want to take the opportunity to say "thank you" to all of those who have been a huge part of this ministry, to those who have blessed our home through missions and outreaches over the years.   It is a team effort and we could not do it without your love and support!

In the next few newsletters, I want to share what the Lord is doing through some of our longstanding groups, who have stood with us from the early years til now.

About 16 years ago, Pastor Harry and Irma Pressley came to visit us with hearts open to how the Lord might use them at Casa del Pastor. That was the beginning of a longstanding relationship and a shared love and vision for Casa del Pastor, the community and surrounding areas.

I call them the "Radicals from Jersey who will do anything to bring people to Jesus". Our family at CDP fell in love with them and cannot wait for their return each year.
They have done so many outreaches in the last 16 years that I do not know where to begin!

Up until they arrived, our moms were being blessed with one room houses. They caught the vision of building them "a house they would be proud to live in" by being the first in building beautiful 3 bedroom homes, with bathroom, living room kitchen etc... Juanita was the first mom to receive her home. They have built many of our homes since that time.

Their heart for reaching the lost is so evident! Each year they arrive with different and incredible plans to draw people to Jesus. Some of my favorite outreaches were a boxing clinic and boxing match set up at CC San Vicente, a Broadway quality play about salvation, awesome VBS skits and puppet outreaches in parks and migrant camps.
They are fearless in taking on the most unruly groups of kids! Maybe that is cause they are from Jersey!!

A few more blessings that we so look forward to is our women's retreat. Our women get the "red carpet" treatment as we go to a fine hotel in Ensenada and are blessed with awesome Bible teaching that so ministers to our hearts. We even get to eat all our meals at a nice restaurant and go to the Bufadora with some spending monies!!

Also our beach trip....the highlight for our moms and kids. Lots of fun and great food!!

We know that the youth of CC Bellmawr work very hard to raise monies for our moms homes and other projects that they feel led to work on while they are here. Thank you kids....your labor us not in vain. I also know there is a loving, dedicated group of senders who make it possible for these trips to happen! Thank you! The Lord knows who you are.
Harry and Irma, I want to say thank you for all the year of dedication to Casa del Pastor. We love you guys and look forward to what the future holds.