Because we would like to be good witnesses to our neighbors and the women and children at Casa Del Pastor, we would like to present some rules and guidelines to follow while Ministering at Casa Del Pastor:

-PAY ATTENTION AT ALL MEETINGS; don't distract others.

-Do not leave the premises alone and always ask your leader before you go. Go in groups of no less than three.

-No public displays of affection. If you are boyfriend and girlfriend, when you arrive we should not be able to determine that.

-Be kind and courteous to each other as well as to everyone you come in contact with in our community. (Your actions and your words are read by all. Model Christianity.) Phil 2:4

-A guy and a girl may not leave the premises alone together.

-Respect and follow the rules of your leaders and those of Casa Del Pastor. Heb 13: 17 (Submissive = Attitude behind obedience)

-Anyone bringing children less than 13 years of age must tend to them and keep a watchful eye over them.

-When using the bathroom.. If its yellow let it mellow, if its brown flush it down. Put the toilet paper in the trash can, not the toilet.

-Don't drink the water; don't get water in your mouth in the shower. Use only bottled water to brush your teeth.

-Stay hydrated; drink lots of bottled water, not soda!

-Stay out of the sun when not working. Use sunscreen at all times.

-Only eat at previously approved eating establishments.

-When you are hot, tired and your attitude is bad: STOP, PRAY AND OBEY!



-Be kind and respectful to all

-Please, no hugs. A handshake is preferable.

-Do not give special attention to anyone or single out an individual, it may be taken wrong.

-Do not buy special gifts for one. Please do the same for all.

-Do not allow yourself to be alone with any mom or girl.

-Report any questionable conduct on the part of our moms or youth girls.


-The kids have rules; respect them.

-During church services, don't play with or be a distraction to the CDP children.

-Treat our children with kindness.

-Do not give the children money.

-If you are going to bring a gift to give away, bring enough for everyone.

-Do not loan your personal items (i.e. sunglasses, hats, car keys).

-Do not exclude the older kids and moms. Look for kids and moms that are being excluded and make friends with them.

-Do not go anywhere alone with our children.

-Visitors are not allowed in the kid's rooms without the permission of the directors.

-Tell us if our kids are not behaving - if you wouldn't allow it in your home, they probably should not be doing it here.

-Ask for permission from one of the directors before you take the kids anywhere.

-Do not allow the children to ride in the bed of a truck out on the main road.

-Children are not allowed on construction sites.

It is important to remember that there are definite cultural differences between what is considered modest in the United States and in Mexico. Generally in Mexico bare skin other than the face, lower arms and below the knee is considered immodest and in the work camps restrictions are greater. Neither is exposed underwear culturally acceptable. Additionally, body and face piercing (other than a single pair earrings for women) is not accepted there as it is here so jewelry of this type should not be worn while in Mexico.

Guidelines for dress...

-Blouses must have sleeves
-No exposed cleavage or midriffs
-Shorts and skirts (no shorter than three inches above the knee) or pants may be worn (Long skirts must be worn at the work camps.)
-Shoes must be worn when walking around outside
-Closed toe shoes should be worn at all work camps

-No sleeveless shirts
-Shorts or pants may be worn (Pants must be worn at work camps.)
-Pants to be worn pulled up around the waist
-Shoes must be worn when walking around outside
-Closed toe shoes should be worn at all work camps


Meals can be eaten at our Mona Lisa restaurant. The cost is $12 per day or $4 per meal. This price includes breakfast, lunch and dinner. A tip for the mothers that are cooking is appreciated.

Accommodations.. There are two options. There are hotels in town (the cost is about $34 dollars a night per room) or the guesthouse at $5 a night per person. When renting the guesthouse, please leave the house cleaner than what you found it and follow the list of dos and dont's found on the front and back door of the house.

Please be considerate of those around you. It is very important that all are rested and ready to serve the Lord for the following day. We do have a curfew but want to be flexible in this area. If your activity finishes late, that is okay. On a normal day, we ask that the lights go out by 11 pm.


-Bed rolls/sleeping bags and pillow

-Drinking water

-Personal hygiene items

-Bug repellent spray


-Closed toe work shoes

-Bible, notebook, pen/pencil



-Electronic games


-Pocket knives or any other weapon



-Drugs (All leaders must be aware of any prescription drugs that are being taken.)

[People have inquired as to what are our needs. Here is a list of ideas and possibilities]

-Food (i.e. meat, chicken, fish, cheese, fruits, vegetables, flour, sugar, oil, salt, spices, rice, beans, powdered milk, tomato sauce, canned vegetables, coffee, powdered cream, snacks for kids' lunches)

-Clothing (i.e. women's clothes, shoes, undergarments-preferably new; kid's clothes- 6 months to 18 years old, especially boys pants in good condition, most of our children are between the ages of 5 and 11, shoes, socks, underwear)

-Towels, sheets, blankets, pillows


-Dishes (preferably plastic) cups, bowls, plates, big serving bowls, big pots, silverware (spoons and forks), and cooking utensils.

-Dish towels

-Cleaning supplies


We welcome short-term missionaries. Please be aware that this is not an 8 to 5 job. Expect to work long hours and have very little personal time. An application must be filled out and sent in with at least two references from a pastor and a church member. We ask for a $100 donation per month to help pay for food.

Things to consider when handing out applications:

1. Is he or she currently involved in some type of ministry?

2. Has he or she ever talked to you about missions?

3. Is he or she involved in leadership within your youth group or small study group?

4. Has he or she ever been on a Missions trip, and if so, how did they perform?

Short-term missionary application:

If your church is interested in sending short-term missionaries please ask for our ministry application.

Thank you for your interest in serving the Lord at Casa del Pastor. Please let us know your visiting dates as soon as possible as we have groups scheduling in advance up to one year.

*please contact us to schedule your group for a ministry opportunity.