If you are interested in or desiring to plan a mission trip to Casa Del Pastor in the city of San Vicente, Mexico, here are a few things you need to consider.

1. Availability - You need to contact the missionaries to see when they have an open date for your group to go to San Vicente.

2. Age Group - To determine what age group you are going to take (Jr. high, High School, Young Adults, or adults only), it will be decided by our missionaries depending on what type of ministry is needed at the time of your visit with them.

3. Passport - You will need a passport to reenter the United States at the end of your trip.  US Passport Applications

4. Transportation - It is highly advised that all vehicles entering Mexico get Mexican
insurance before crossing the border. (Your U.S. insurance will not cover you in

5. Team preparation - Please make sure all team members read and understand the contents of the Visitor Guide.

6. Team preparation - Bring enough water for all the team members for the entire stay in Mexico.

7. Remember, Mexico is a third world country even though it is right in our backyard. The more prepared your team is, the more effective your ministry will be. Be blessed!