Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:
Thank you for your desire to serve the women and children at Casa del Pastor and our community of San Vicente!

Ministry Opportunities:
At Casa del Pastor:
The opportunities are unlimited, be creative and use the talents available to you. Relationships are the priority. It is our heart to minister to our moms and children. Following are some suggestions:

For the children:
  • Vacation Bible School (VBS)
  • Puppets
  • Dramas
  • Bible Stories in Spanish
  • Crafts
For the moms:
  • Bible studies in Spanish
  • Crafts
  • Worship in Spanish
  • Classes on health, nutrition, raising children in the Lord, etc.
  • General:
  • Prayer walks
  • Maintenance for house
  • Maintenance for vehicles
  • Maintenance for appliances
At the Migrant Work Camps:
We also have a ministry to the workers in the camps where we feed them physically and spiritually and provide some caring services. Pre-planning is a must for any of these ministries.
We are happy to coordinate with you to reach out to these people in the following ways:
  • Prayer walks
  • Bible programs in Spanish
  • Drama in Spanish
  • Puppets in Spanish
  • Hair washing (with lice shampoo), combing and braiding
  • Cleaning of outhouses
  • Providing clean clothing in good condition
  • Providing bagged rice and beans (preferably at least 300 lbs. in one quart bags)
  • Planning and providing a meal
Ministering with Calvary Chapel Horizonte of San Vicente:
Working with the local Calvary Chapel you can minister to the people of San Vicente through outreaches in the park and street witnessing. Some ideas are:
  • Prayer walks
  • Evangelism
  • Concert outreaches
  • Carnival
  • Film/video presentations (Spanish)
  • Clean up or painting in park or other local areas. (Pre-planning & permission required.)
  • Medical/professional clinics (Pre-planning required.)

There are many areas in which you can serve Casa Del Pastor and the community of San Vicente. For people wanting to do a large work project (such as building a home for one of our moms) we ask that your group raises the funds for the project. We have a skilled builder available to guide you through these types of work projects. If you choose
to build a home, the cost is $2,200 to lay a foundation and $4,000 to build the house. This cost may vary as prices increase.
We also have other work projects that are not as large such as painting, gardening, cleaning, weeding, repair work on buildings, vehicles, or appliances, etc. In other words, if you have two working hands and a willing heart, we have a job for you!!!!