Casa del Pastor, an outreach of Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley, is located about 1½ hours south of Ensenada, on the Baja Peninsula of Mexico. Founded by Lisa Heit in the small community of San Vicente, it serves women and children of Mexico who have been abandoned or abused.

Lisa, her co-director Jeanie Sue Phegley, Shelly Albert, Mark Kamio and Katrina Kamio make up the Missionary Team of CdP that take in these fragmented families and offer them an opportunity to make a new life and to know the love and salvation available to them through Jesus Christ.

The Vision of Casa del Pastor: Since 2008 we have been in our new facility that can now comfortably house up to 26 families. The home currently provides a refuge to about twenty women and 60 children at any given time.

These women and children are referred by church organization, missionaries, orphanages, or civil authorities from different parts of Mexico, but mainly Baja California. Each mother and their children are provided with a furnished room, food and clothing. They are encouraged to become functioning members of the home, sharing in the chores as well as the fun and friendship.

From the very beginning they are provided with counseling to help them understand their situation and the options that are available to them. The children are immediately enrolled in school and provided uniforms, supplies and the tutoring needed to help make them successful. Furthermore, the families also receive the medical and dental care they need.
In return, each mother agrees to work in a paying job and save her wages. She uses those wages to purchase a small portion of property. Once the property is paid in full, the Casa del Pastor makes arrangements for volunteer church groups to build a small house on the lot, free of charge.

By the time a family moves into their home, they have learned how to care for themselves. Casa del Pastor becomes an extended family. While residing at Casa del Pastor they learn the skills necessary to support and care for themselves and their families. Most importantly, they are exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They have daily devotions, attend church, and see the Christian walk modeled on a daily basis.

Opportunities to Minister: Calvary Chapel Moreno Valley and other church groups support this ministry in a wide variety of ways. In addition to the missionaries themselves, the finances for the food, housing, care and supplies are provided. People donate clothing furnishings, automobiles, and many other items that are needed to care for this growing group of women and children. Teams have also provided Christmas gifts, parties, and retreat weekends.